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Retail X12 Messages

The following list includes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions that are commonly used within the retail industry. These EDI transactions are all part of the U.S. ANSI X12 standards for EDI. To learn more about EDI usage in Retail, consider attending one of our upcoming EDI Classes or contact an EDI Service Provider.
IDTransaction NameUsage Notes
110Air Freight Invoice 
180Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification 
204Motor Carrier Shipment Status, Motor Carrier Load Tender 
210Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice 
211Motor Carrier Bill of Lading 
212Motor Carrier Delivery Trailer Manifest 
214Transportation Carrier Shipment StatusOften has variations for LTL (less than truck load, FTL (full truck load) and SP (small package).
240Motor Carrier Package Status 
309U.S. Customs Manifest 
310Ocean Freight Invoice 
315Ocean Shipment Status 
350U.S. Customs Status Information 
410Rail Freight Invoice 
753Request for Routing 
754Routing Instructions 
812Credit/Debit Adjustment 
816Organizational RelationshipsProvides vendors with store addresses.
820Remittance AdviceOften used with EFT, details invoices being paid.
824Application AdviceUsed to notify trading partner of transaction errors.
832Price/Sales CatalogOften used to transmit UPC's to the retailer or 3rd party catalog, with description and sometimes MSRP.
846Inventory Inquiry/AdviceUsed to notify a trading partner of on hand inventory.
850Purchase Order 
852Product Activity DataProvides point of sale information.
855Purchase Order AcknowledgementPO Acknowledgement or Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Order.
856Ship Notice/ManifestNotifies retailer of shipment and it's contents.
860Purchase Order Change Request 
864Text MessageSometimes used to transmit EDI errors, can be used for general information
867Product Transfer and Resale Report 
869Order Status Inquiry 
870Order Status Report 
875Purchase OrderGrocery (UCS)
879Price MaintenanceGrocery (UCS)
880InvoiceGrocery (UCS)
882Direct Store DeliveryGrocery (UCS)
888Item MaintenanceGrocery (UCS)
889Promotional MaintenanceGrocery (UCS)
894Delivery/Return Base Record 
940Warehouse Shipping Order3PL (3rd Party Logistics)
943Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice3PL
944Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice3PL
945Warehouse Shipping Advice3PL
946Delivery Information Message3PL
947Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice3PL
990Load Tender Response 
997Functional Acknowledgment