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Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC)

A numeric code that identifies commodities that are transported by multi-modal carriers in the U.S.

The STCC code is a 2 to 7 digit numeric that may identify a commodity, a product class, an individual industry, a minor industry group, or a major industry group. The code is of the form:

dd=2-digit level=major industry group
dd d=3 digit level=minor industry group
dd dd=4 digit level=an industry
dd ddd=5 digit level=product class
dd ddd dd=7 digit level=description of an article

The number of digits indicates the level of a given code in the hierarchical structure of the STCC. The higher the level number, the more detailed is the data represented by the code.

A code of 49 at the 2 digit level identifies a hazardous material or substance. This code is of the form:

dd=2 digit level=hazardous material or substance
dd dd=4 digit level=hazard class as designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation
dd ddd=5 digit level=hazard class group
dd ddd dd=7 digit level=U.S. Department of Transportation proper shipping name or description (bridged to descriptions coded at 2 digit levels 01 through 47) 

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