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SAP EDI Subsystem Certification

posted May 1, 2015, 12:48 PM by Kevin Wilson

Cross Application - Electronic Data Interchange Interface (CA-EDI)

Built into SAP’s applications are interfaces to EDI messages.SAP provides an open, common interface to EDI translators / subsystems (XA-EDI). EDI subsystems assume responsibility for all EDI-oriented tasks:

  • Converting data
  • Message or interchange handling
  • Communication
  • Partner profile administration
  • Process monitoring

From the SAP side, the EDI interface is based on IDoc technology, which is independent of EDI standards but modelled against the EDIFACT standard. All data is transferred in files between the SAP System and the EDI subsystem. A Synchronous Remote Function Call (RFC) is implemented to transfer a file between the two systems. The following data can be transferred using the EDI interface:

  • Outbound IDocs - IDocs are transferred from the SAP System to the EDI subsystem.
  • Inbound IDocs - IDocs are transferred from the EDI subsystem to the SAP System.
  • Status report - The EDI subsystem sends a status report to the SAP System on the progress of the processing of the outbound IDoc - STATUS IDoc

Certification of an EDI subsystem involves technical testing of the interface between the SAP System and the EDI subsystem. The transfer of outbound IDocs, inbound IDocs and status reports is tested. The test is carried out using the UN/EDIFACT standard for EDI. The following messages may be used:

  • Outbound purchase order (ORDERS)
  • Inbound order (ORDERS)
  • Outbound order confirmation (ORDRSP)
  • Inbound order acknowledgment (ORDRSP)

Outbound IDoc Status mapping

The STATUS Idoc needs to be returned to the SAP system to report on the statuses shown in the below diagram. 05,06, 07, 08, 11, 12, 16 and 17.

Outbound IDoc Status Mapping